What am I getting myself into at Live Game Escape?

Loads of fun! Live Game Escape is here to deliver this new dominating trend of live action escape room games to the American markets. It is a genre of healthy fun that requires participating teams to use their logic, problem solving, teamwork, and ability to think outside the box without over-thinking or overlooking the obvious clues.

As first time escapees, which room should we challenge?

Though all the rooms at Live Game Escape are challenging, some are more difficult than others. We do not suggest escapees visiting us for their first time to challenge rooms with the “Ultimate” tag. Check out the escape rates of the rooms and read through the scenarios with your group and pick out your favorite theme as that is also a major element to your experience!

Is there an age limit restriction Live Game Escape?

Live Game Escape welcomes ALL ages of escapees in our facility. However, any young escapees who are under the age of 14 will be required to have at least one adult in the party.

Do we need to make a booking with Live Game Escape to enjoy an escape experience?

Live Game Escape strongly suggests all escapees to book ahead, especially on weekends, to secure their room and time slot by visiting BOOK NOW . However, walk-in escapees are always welcome.

How do we make a reservation with Live Game Escape?

By visiting BOOK NOW and please call or text Live Game Escape at your desired location Salt Lake City, UT . if you need any assistance with the process or have any questions.

The escape rooms at Live Game Escape have maximums of more than my party size. What happens to the remaining spots from my booking?

Live Game Escape thinks that the escape room experience is a great way for the escapees to socialize and meet other individuals in the community. The remaining spots will be available to others who are looking to book at the same time for the same room until the bookings reach the rooms’ maximum capacity. In order to make it a private booking, you are welcome to book up all available spots for your particular time slot.

Can we make a reservation outside of Live Game Escape’s normal operating hours?

Live Game Escape will always try its best to accommodate with our escapees’ needs. Do not hesitate to email or call Live Game Escape at your desired location Salt Lake City, UT for inquiries and bookings, even when you need to come outside our normal operating hours.

How many participants qualify as a large group at Live Game Escape?

Live Game Escape generally accepts groups of 15 or more to be large groups. Please email or call your desired location Salt Lake City, UT to learn more about large group offers.

How long does a Live Game Escape adventure take?

Depending on the room the escapees have chosen, each group is allotted 45 to 60 minutes initially to escape from the room. However, extensions are often offered by Live Game Escape to escapees that do not escape successfully within the initially given time.

It was a great experience! I would love to show Live Game Escape to all my friends. How do I share a piece of the memory to my friends?

Live Game Escape will take a picture of the group before they enter the rooms. Pictures will be uploaded through Instagram to Twitter and Facebook (sometimes directly to Facebook). Escapees will be asked to leave their name and be tagged when the pictures are uploaded.